Workstations Frustrations!

I have been slacking in posting on my blog! Don't hate me! I miss the blogosphere, too. :( Especially now.

I'm having some trouble with my workstations. My kids really enjoy them, and center time is their favorite part of the day. I want to give them more time in each station, but the way I have it set up doesn't allow but 5-7 minutes in each one. I have from 10:00-10:40ish for stations, and they don't get their work done. I want them to finish their work!!

Could you give me some suggestions on how your rotations work? I do not want it to be a free-for-all type situation because I want 1-2 in each station. Preferably just one. (I have 10 kids! I know!! Don't throw any tomatoes at me!)

What has worked for you? Maybe I'm just over thinking it. How would you organize my classroom stations if you had 10 kids to work with?

My stations are: Listening, Write the Room, Word Work, Puzzles, Math, Writing, Play-doh, Library, Computer, and Creative (Art).

Word Work Station

Math Station

I'll ask another question next time! Thanks for all your love and sharing!