Excitement is in the air! Along with some bitter sweetness as well. I will be finishing student teaching in the first week of May, and then graduating in the same week. I will miss my sweet fourth graders, and I will miss all my dear friends I have made. It has been such an amazing experience and I wouldn't change it if I could.

Here comes the scary part. I will be a teacher in AUGUST.
With my own kindergarten classroom.
With 15-20 little ones running around calling ME their teacher.
I will possibly be their first teacher ever in "big kid school."
That scares me a bit, but I am THRILLED to death that I got the job and have this fantastic opportunity.
I can't wait to tell them all about letters and numbers and animals and reading and everything. I'm especially excited that I will be at a Christian school where I can teach these sweet littles about Jesus and the Bible. Seriously cool.

It's all coming to a close here at college, and I am going to have to tell my 4th graders that my last day is a week from today. I don't think they realize how soon I'm leaving. Poor babies. 

I hope you enjoy this adventure with me. I will be posting free worksheets sometimes, pictures of my new classroom setup, and just my summer adventures being a nanny. I would LOVE if you would send some words of encouragement and advice for my first year teaching! 

I will be a KINDERGARTEN TEACHER! Oh my! :)