On the Hunt for Classroom Books!

What a weekend!! It's hard to know where to begin, but I guess the most logical beginning is what we did on Saturday. 

Yesterday, we decided to go garage sale-ing (or sailing, whichever you prefer). My parents came with me and we printed off our city's list of documented garage sales in the area. I brought my trusty red felt-tip pen (LOVE) and my iPhone with a wonderful Maps app, and we were off at about 9AM! We obviously stopped for Sonic drinks to make it through the long day of garage sales. Obviously. I withdrew about $40 in cash just in case. 

We hit around 20 homes in search of cheap children's books. Some homes had them and others didn't. That's the fun of it. We saw some precious little ones selling lemonade, and one little girl who proclaimed, "I'm in kindergarten now and I will be going to 1st grade! I'm SCARED!" We had a blast. There was even one home that was an estate sale, and my mom bought a brand new golf set (for lefties) for only $40! Mind-blowing! 

I'm going to show you all the books I got first, and then I'll tell you how much I spent. Okay? 

I got 20 BOOKS! For around $5.50! There was one sale where each book was 25 cents, but everything at their sale was 50% off the original sale price! What a deal. This was the same sale where I got the book The Polar Express, which was originally $18 hardback copy! I love garage sales. We're going again at the first of June because that's about the time when teachers are done with their school year. I can hardly wait to see what I find.

Today, I went to church, and saw something special waiting for me. I received a basket of books from my Secret Pal/Sister from church for my graduation gift! Isn't that sweet? She even got me some sidewalk chalk. Here are the two pictures of that.

I love new books. I can't wait to use all these in my class! I'll post more as I get more. I'm going to be making a teacher binder soon, so keep an eye out for that. I really haven't been doing much else.

What do you think?

Which books do you like best for kindergarten?
Which are NECESSARY?


  1. As a teacher, it seems like I'm always looking for books! What's bad is when you end up with doubles because you forgot you already had the book! Love the blog! I'm a new follower :)

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  2. It's so true! It's so easy to forget which ones you have right when you're shopping. Thank you for following! I really appreciate it! :) How many books do you think you have?

  3. My favorite books for kindergarten are The Kissing Hand - I do this the first day! Then, I absolutely love the Pete the Cat books, and these are the children's favorites. Leo the Late Bloomer is good. The Eric Carle books,oh I just could go on and on. So are you going to be teaching a kindergartn class this year? It's such fun!I would like to be more techy like you! I just want to go visit with some of the teachers who put together units and activities to see how they do it. I would love to have a blog, but I feel a little insecure because these guys are great! I don;t even know how to begin! Looking forward to some of your techy sharing! Sharon

  4. Any of the Pete the Cat books would be great!!

    Sharon, commenter above me, I felt the same way as you but finally did it! You can visit my still relatively new blog at: http://kathismath.blogspot.com/

    I am still learning all the techy stuff (like how to make a link with my blog name instead of the url) and am totally with you on the "how to" of making the activities. My latest blog post is asking for help doing just that!! Sarah I would love some help if you have the time...?? *smiles really cutely so you will say yes*

    1. I do need to get Pete the Cat books! It's really popular right now :)

      If you email me at missaskindergarten@gmail.com I could work with you more if you want, Kathy! Maybe I can answer some questions you have about basic html stuff. I don't have your email address so I can't address some of the questions you have, and I'd rather us talk one-on-one instead of on comments! :)

      Thanks for following!


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