Easy to Use Math Assessment

At the end of the school year, my principal asked us to either find or make a benchmark for our grades to assess math skills. We tried the DMA (Developmental Math Assessment), but found it very time consuming because we do not have aids or people who administer testing for us. It all has to be done in small groups.

SO, I got tech-y. You know I love to use technology. :) My "co-teacher" (she teaches the other K class next door to my room!) and I decided to look online and on Texas TEKS to figure out what all we need to put into the assessment. We gathered information and I got to work.

I created an easy to use assessment that can be given in one large sitting or in several small sittings with students one-on-one. It covers all the Texas Kindergarten TEKS, and it is very hands on for the students. I put all the manipulatives into a dish pan from Walmart and had it sitting on a shelf behind my kidney table. Then, I would call a student to my kidney table and work with him on a portion of the assessment.

It contains the basics, like addition, subtraction, and just plain ole' counting. I even had to put my thinking cap on and create sections to assess graphing and area and measurements. It was a challenge, but I think it all came together quite nicely. It really showed me how much my students had learned throughout the year. I wish I had this assessment to kick-start last year so I could really help my littles reach maximum potential by the end of the year.

If you would like a copy of this assessment, please hop on over to my TpT store! This is my first really BIG product, so I would love any feedback or thoughts on it. Even though this test is not "Common Core" I believe it really is hands-on and can meet a lot of the standards found in Common Core.

Hope you like it! The first three to leave a comment below with their email address will get a free copy of the assessment!

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  1. It looks great.

  2. It looks great and easy to use!

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