Classroom Tour 2013!

I've had this post as a draft for a long time! (Since last week!!) I figured it was time to just put it out there so that the world could see my classroom all organized and spiffy! I guess I felt bad just posting only photos, but I figure that you enjoy looking at them anyways. There's a fun video tour at the bottom, so keep that scrolling finger moving!

2012 word wall compared to 2013 word wall!

Cubbies, filing cabinet, and teacher work area! Love the openness of it.

Student supply area

Bookshelf organized by genre, theme, or author

My spiffy new bookshelf that I assembled all by myself!

View of the classroom listening station, tables, and other lovely things

Decently organized cabinet!!

Covered up my ugly shelf with pretty fabric.

Here's a quick video tour of my classroom in case you want to see a panorama!

2013-07-24 15.17.40 from Sarah Adams on Vimeo.

Hope that you enjoyed my tour. Leave me a comment letting me know what you think. When do you go back into your classroom to get it ready to roll?

I start back to inservice tomorrow...Pray that I can get up early enough!

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  1. Thank you! I love touring other classrooms. You have put a lot of thought into your set up.

  2. I love all the pictures! You room looks great, I love the zebra chair.

    Oodles of Teaching Fun

  3. Your room looks almost ready for school...doesn't summer go quickly? I love all your technology tips and tutorials. They have been a huge help to me! This year I will have a Smartboard in my classroom! What kind of technology do you use with your class?

    First Grade Top Dogs

  4. My 4 year old son has formed a fantastic relationships with all of the teachers. He would hug each one before we were leaving for England. His classes were full of excellent teachers.
    Phoenix pre-k

  5. Just stopping by to say I miss you!



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