Bubbl.us and MindMeister Video Tutorial!

This post is going to be short and sweet!

Quick Sidenote: Things have been getting a little crazy in my life right now, and I hope that you can go through this wild time with me. I definitely need all the encouragement I can get right now! I'll be going to set up my classroom hardcore next week -- I got my keys!! Woo hoo! I'm official.

Okay, back to the cool tools!

Today's tutorial is on TWO different web tools. I know that you're going to love them. :) I did! Some of you may already know about them, but it could help you still. They are called Bubbl.us and MindMeister.

These tools are meant to allow you to get your thoughts down in a logical manner. This can be called "brainstorming," "concept mapping," or "mind mapping." It can be used in so many different ways, but the focus is to start with a concept and come up with tons of branches that come off that idea. (If you get my drift!)

How can they be integrated?

Here are some simple ways to use these tools:
  • Create a whole class concept map when the season changes! (Start with "Summer" in the middle and branch off of that)
  • Plan your letters that you send home to parents.
  • Let the class plan stories (using main character, setting, etc)
  • Allow students to use these tools as a way to accommodate them in essay writing. Some kids think better when they have a chance to brainstorm in a different way.
I hope that this tutorial helps you out! Here's the video!

Oh, and here's the quick survey. I'd love if you filled it out! I read all your entries and cherish each one. They brighten my day!

Which do you like better: MindMeister or Bubbl.us? Why?


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