Monday Made It! (and other news)

My wonderful followers, I did it! I Monday made it! 
I've never linked up to this fun party, but now I can actually show you something I made for my classroom. I'm going to go in and work some on my classroom this Wednesday, so I'll have at least one crafty thing to hang up in my room :)
I made these with my Silhouette Cameo! (My first ever project!!)
If you don't have a die-cutter, you need one. 
Like now.
I got the idea from Kim at For the Love of Kinder Garden.
For the Love of Kindergarden

She told me that one of the things she puts up every year is a collection of question words. I thought it was genius! SO, I created these. I will point at the words when I have the students ask questions. I want them to understand what the words LOOK like and not just how they sound.
Seeing the print is great for connecting the sounds to text. PHONICS! Labeling everything will help students grow their schema, so I figured that those words are super important to label. They use them on a day to day basis. (Especially "WHY??")

I also cut out these fantastic schedule cards from Barbie Roper's TPT page. They're too stinkin' precious! I think I love them!
I love the snack one! The kids are dressed as a Lettuce and Carrot! :)

I'm thinking about doing the Sterilite bins tutorial from Kinder-Craze. She's awesome, and totally inspires me. I got a 5-drawer bin last week at Walmart. I couldn't resist. It was calling to me. This last week I shopped till I dropped.

Here are some of the things I bought for my classroom!
Calendar kit with cute monkey number pieces from Lakeshore!
I RAIDED that store. Seriously.
Uppercase Letter magnets, a large stamp, color words
poster, and a Magna-Doodle!

A 6 foot tall palm tree for my wall. I may just end up
using the trunk!
2 sets of border and one PURPLE pointer! Oh my goodness!
I love shopping with gift cards!

In other bloggy news, I will be posting my technology tutorials on WEDNESDAYS from now on. I'm sorry I skipped last week. I had a lot going on, so please don't be too disappointed! I will post up this week's tutorial on Wednesday. You're going to LOVE it. You may already know the tool, but maybe it will help refresh your memory!

Name idea: Web Tools Wednesday?

Do you have a better name idea for my series of video tutorials on web 2.0 tools for teachers? Comment below! If you haven't seen one of the posts, you can find them here. I made a little handy link for you to click and take you to all of them! :) You can also look in the Tech Tutorials tabby page at the top of my blog.

Thanks for reading!

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Thank you to 4th Grade Frolics for hosting this linky party. I love getting all those wonderful ideas for my classroom! It's such fun!

Oh, and please leave a comment! I love comments! It's similar to the feeling of opening Christmas gifts early. I will take the time to reply to each one of you, too! :)


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    1. Thanks, AthenaPhoenix! I hope they help a lot! :) Thank you for commenting!

  2. Your question words are great!!! I love seeing all your purchases too! I always LOVE to see what other teachers are buying and creating! I had never seen the Monday made it blog before! Such a great idea!

    1. Thanks, Kim! :) I think you'd love the Monday Made It linky! You're so crafty, too! Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement and comments. I can always count on you to help me with a question!

  3. Your classroom is going to look amazing!!!!! :-) I love your question words!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Sandy! You made me smile! I really appreciate your kind comment :D

  4. I just bought some new schedule cards too! I cannot wait to print them out and get them ready to go! It's amazing what us teachers get excited about isn't it? :) Awesome job on the question words. They look really great.

    Reaching for the TOP!

    1. It really is amazing!! What do your schedule cards look like? Love it!! Thank you so much, and I'm so glad you took the time to comment on my post!

  5. I love your signs!! Your jungle theme is the cutest!! I am also loving those signs from Barbie Roper. Everything looks fabulous!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I am really excited about the jungle theme. :D If you can't tell by my blog! Thanks for commenting on my post! You're so sweet!!

  6. Love the word cards, love the Lakeshore goodies, love that you mentioned my Sterlite bins... love it all!


    1. You're so sweet! :) I hope that I actually CAN decorate my Sterlite bins...I bet it will be a disaster! Haha!

  7. Love all the fun stuff. I always love shopping for my classroom. I have given you an award for your blog. Pick it up from my blog and follow the instructions. :)

    Mrs. Katzman's Kinder Cubs

    1. Patti, you made my night! Thank you so much! I'll go check it out right now! :D I love shopping for my classroom too. It's becoming a little bit of an obsession. Haha!

  8. Love the classroom goodies you bought! Your words turned out awesome!!! So glad you could link up this week:) Hope you can come back. Thanks for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  9. I love your question words.

    Our school has a Wild about Learning theme. Most of us have made trees in our classrooms and in the hallway. I'll try and take a picture of them and share them with you. They are all so cute. =)

    You are going to be an amazing teacher and so much more prepared than when I started and there was no Pinterest. =)


    Heather's Heart


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